Prosecco di Valdobbiadene  ·  Bottle - £27.95  ·  Glass - £6.95

A delightful Prosecco , with a soft texture, clean as a whistle, with green apple fruit, floral notes and a delicate finish.


Sparkling Rose  ·  Bottle -  £24.95

This sparkling rose is made from Pinot Noir Grapes, using the Spumante method. Its colour and scent recall those rose petals.


House Champagne  ·  Bottle - £35.95


Moet & Chandon  ·  Bottle - £54.95

Delicate and well balanced with vine and lime blossom notes, and a harmonious finish.


Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label  ·   Bottle - £55.95

It is so pleasing to the nose, initially reminiscent of white fruits and raisins, then of vanilla and later of brioche. Note the fine balance between the fruity aromas coming from the grape varieties and the toasty aromas following the ageing in the bottle.




House Rosé  ·  Bottle  - £17.95  ·  175ml - £4.95  ·  250ml - £6.25


Bardolino Chiaretto  ·  Bottle  - £21.95  ·  175ml - £5.70  ·  250ml - £7.50

This wine gets its pomegranate  colour from gentle pressing of its grapes. It balances a fresh fruit flavour with a good firm body.


Pinot Grigio Rosé  ·  Bottle -  £23.95  ·  175ml - £6.25  ·  250ml - £8.250

The faint pinkish hue tends towards light copper. Fresh delicate aromas that open up in the glass and an excellent balance between mellow fruit and fresh acidity on the palate.



***Please note that all wines are subject to availability***





House White  ·  Bottle £17.95  ·  175ml - £4.95  ·  250ml - £6.25


Trebbiano  ·  Bottle £19.95  ·

Straw Yellow and greenish reflections and a fresh fruity bouquet. The palate is soft, smooth and fragrant. Excellent as as aperitif or ideal with appetizer and fish dishes.


Grecanico  ·  Bottle - £19.95

One of the most delicate and vigorous  grapes from Sicily. A wine with a strong harmony and a pleasant freshness.


Sauvignon  ·  Bottle - £22.95  ·  175ml - £5.95…..250ml - £7.95

Dry and elegant white wine. Pale yellow in colour with greenish hints.


Chardonnay  ·  Bottle - £22.95  ·  175ml - £5.95  ·  250ml - £7.95

A Lovely well balanced , fresh wine with a delicate fruited bouquet of apple and acacia flowers.


Verdicchio  ·  Bottle - £22.95

A wine with a distinct personality. It has a light golden yellow colour and intense scents of dry hay, hawthorn and broom. Its firm long flavour makes it a wine with red character. (One of the top wine from Marche)


Pinot Grigio  ·  Bottle - £23.95  ·  175ml - £6.25  ·  250ml - £8.25

With a gentle floral aroma, good medium weight and a refreshing finish.


Grillo Bianco Maggiore (Organic Wine)  ·  Bottle - £29.95

Straw colour with greenish hues. A strong scent of grapefruit prevails in the bouquet with aromas of pineapple, citrus and tropical fruits. The flavour is well balanced and round.


Gavi Di Gavi  ·  Bottle - £29.95

Brilliant straw yellow colour. Soft, delicate and persistent bouquet . Dry, fresh and pervasive taste. Full of character.


Falanghina  ·  Bottle - £25.95

A fresh aroma of exotic fruit, citrus and white flowers. A palate with pleasant acidity, but with perfect harmony. Hints of apple and pear and some minerality.



***Please note that all wines are subject to availability***





House Red   ·  Bottle - £17.95  ·  175ml - £4.95  ·  250ml - £6.25


Syrah  ·  Bottle £19.95  ·  175ml £5.25  ·  250ml £6.95

Ruby red with well balanced spicy flavours, velvety notes of the syrah and elegant fruit from the sangiovese.


Primitivo  ·  Bottle - £23.95  ·  175ml - £6.25  ·  250ml - £8.25

It has a spectacular concentration, intensity and elegance. The taste will surprise with depth and cleanliness and the incredible smoothness of its tannin. The richness of its fruit, its freshness and balance are signs of great longevity.


Merlot  ·  Bottle £21.95  ·  175ml - £5.70  ·  250ml - £7.50

A soft wine, ruby red in colour, with a slightly herbaceous and fruity bouquet, which is reflected in its well balanced flavour.


Nero d’Avola Frappato  ·  Bottle - £22.95

Young and vibrant on the nose with the typical cherry aromas and distinct hints of cloves. Good structure on the palate.


Valpolicella Classico  ·  Bottle - £26.95

Made from corvina grapes, a ruby red wine with aroma of blackberries and cherries. An intense wine that is still soft on palate.


Montepulciano D’ Abruzzo  ·  Bottle - £19.95

Ruby red in colour with faint violet hues.Pleasantly tannic, bull-bodied and harmonious palate making wine ideal pairing for pasta and red meat dishes.


Malbec  ·  Bottle £24.95

This is fine example of the perfection that can be achieved in using 100% Malbec grapes. It has a medium intensity, fruity aromas, good texture, balanced acidity and ample finish.


Chianti  ·  Bottle £27.95

Surprisingly rich and intensely fruity, packed with juicy, ripe cherry fruit flavour and a smooth finish.


Il Principe Nero d’Avola (Organic Wine)  ·  Bottle £32.95

In the area of Alcamo the Nero d’Avola grapes express all the power of red fruits, blackcurrant and ripe blackberry, embodied in a wine that is round and persistent, with an intense violet colour.


Amarone Classico Della Valpolicella  ·  Bottle £39.95

A beautiful full bodied wine that's smooth, with beautifully balanced velvety tannins.


***Please note that all wines are subject to availability***





Bacardi  ·  £3.00

Brandy  ·  £3.00

Gin  ·  £3.00

Vodka  ·  £3.00

Whiskey  ·  £3.00

Remy Martini Vsop  ·  £3.95

Single Malt  ·  £3.95

Bombay Sapphire  ·  £3.45

Hendricks Gin  ·  £3.95

Mixer  ·  £0.95




Peroni  ·  £3.50




Still/Sparkling  ·  £3.10




Coca Cola (Bottle)  ·  £2.95

Diet Coke (Bottle)  ·  £2.95

Lemonade  ·  £2.55

Apple/Orange Juice  ·  £2.75

Appletiser  ·  £2.95

Tonic/Slimline tonic  ·  £2.55






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